Holistic Physical Therapist - Aston Patterning Expert -
Franklin Method Specialist  

The Power of a Traditional Physical Therapy Background Coupled with Alternative, Holistic Approaches

Joani Gelinas combines her knowledge and deep experience as a classically trained Physical Therapist with cutting-edge systems to create a unique, holistic way of working with you. An expert at evaluating, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal pain and injuries, Joani also specializes in helping you develop healthy movement patterns that promote long-term wellness. She practices in Seattle, WA.

 “I believe in healing and moving forward, and know this is possible at any age.”

Joani's Mission

  • Relieving pain in your musculoskeletal system
  • Collaborating with you to uncover your unique path toward wellness
  • Teaching you how to unravel holding or habitual movement patterns that get in the way of healing
  • Assisting you in finding the alignment and movement patterns that are best and easiest for you and that make sense for your unique body structure
  • Helping you cultivate a healthy relationship with your body
  • Helping you uncover the connection between your feelings, emotional history and your physical body so you can let go of old, dysfunctional patterns and replace them with new, healthier patterns
  • Helping  you “sense into” your physical and emotional experiences, an effective road to better health
  • Working with you to create a lifelong practice that will empower you to maintain healthy movement patterns without constantly depending on the help of others

“The body is a beautiful representation of our life in all of its fullness. As an integrative health practitioner, I work with an appreciation of that fullness.” --Joani G

Joani's Practice

  • PT evaluation of musculoskeletal system
  • Assessment of postural patterns, movement tendencies
  • Manual Physical Therapy/Bodywork
  • Movement exploration and re-education
  • Structured rehabilitation programs
  • Individualized exercise/fitness programs
  • Ergonomic assessments & problem-solving -- ways to create environments at work and home that support healthy alignment and posture
  • Inquiry


Joani treats people with:

  • Acute injuries, whether post trauma or surgery
  • Chronic musculoskeletal problems that have not responded to other approaches
  • An interest in pursuing an integrated, holistic approach to healing
  • A need to be involved in their own healing/wellness
  • A thirst for a deeper understanding of their own bodies
  • A desire to learn how to make long-lasting, healthy changes while helping to prevent future injuries

“I’m particularly adept at dealing with chronic issues that do not go away using other approaches where the whole  body pattern hasn’t been addressed.” --Joani G.

In Joani's Words

“I believe in the power of people to live, grow and become all they can be. This is the driving force in my work and in my life.”

My lifelong training has taught me that change -- and even transformation -- is possible by working with the body. The changes can be as simple as, “I want my back to stop hurting” or as dramatic as, “If I learn to live in my body in a different way, it can affect my life on many different levels, and I may be able to move more fully toward my potential.”

I am a Physical Therapist first -- but I work outside of the box with the whole body pattern and the whole person in a variety of ways. Over the years I have integrated my work as a PT with a unique and powerful combination of alternative methods that can alleviate acute physical symptoms, promote healthier movement patterns and remove barriers that impede growth.

I have learned that our whole life history resides in our bodies. The accumulation of our experiences has a profound influence on how we move and carry ourselves. Physical injury, emotional stress and everyday problems can settle into our bodies, causing chronic pain, less than optimal posture, as well as habitual ways of moving that can lead to injury. These harmful ways of carrying ourselves create holding patterns -- patterns that can be changed more quickly and effectively when they are addressed on all levels.

The effectiveness of my work as a PT has been magnified by extensive training in Aston Patterning, which helps untangle the underlying causes of movement problems; The Franklin Method, which uses visualization to help the body to work in accordance with its original design; and Inquiry, which uncovers and helps illuminate connections between our emotional history and our physical selves.

In other words, I work holistically to deal with your body, your posture and the very complex aggregation of everything that has ever touched you. Your thoughts, ideas, self-concepts and even what you did early in life to survive -- it is all written in the story of your postural pattern.

I love what I do. If I hadn’t experienced the work myself, I could not do what I do. I know this work can bring about lasting transformation. If you are in pain, I understand. If you are stuck, I’ve been there. I can help.

Join me and we’ll work together to release unwanted holding patterns, address your pain and help you move toward your greatest potential.

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