For the past 37 years, Joani has worked steadily to perfect both the art and science of her practice. She started with intensive work in rehabilitation settings at three leading university hospitals. As her career progressed, she studied the intricacies of the musculo-skeletal system and pursued extensive training in myofascial release, joint mobilization, mobilization of the nervous system, exercise and movement/rehab.

In 1989 she met pioneering movement expert Judith Aston and began weaving Aston’s ideas into her own practice. In 1992 Joani became certified in Aston Patterning and opened her private practice in North Seattle. She continued taking advanced studies with Aston for the next 2 decades, ultimately becoming one of only a few trained to teach this work.

For the past five years, Joani has studied The Franklin Method, a fitness/movement program that uses mental imagery coupled with an accurate understanding of the body’s architecture to create healthier movement patterns. In 2010, Joani became a certified Level 1 Franklin Method Teacher.

In addition, for the last 13 years she has been working with a third modality called Inquiry. Studying with Linda Krier, a teacher of the Diamond Approach, she has learned to apply the process of Inquiry (the central method of that teaching) to her work. This brings awareness of the impact of one's inner experience on the body. This method uses verbal questioning to identify the link between inner experiences and movement patterns, which promotes long-lasting healing.

“Although all of us live with our bodies, many of us are not truly living in our bodies at all,” says Joani. “I work with the whole body pattern, the whole person in a variety of ways. I collaborate with patients to relieve pain in their musculo-skeletal systems, assist them as they unravel holding patterns that may no long serve them, and work with them so they are empowered to become active partners in their own healthy transformation.”

“Most people know more about everything else -- their husbands/wives/children/friends, their profession, computers and IPhones, their gardens, and pets -- than they do about their own bodies.” -- Joani G.

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