In addition to traditional Physical Therapy, Joani uses other methods for healing:

  • Aston Patterning is based on the work of movement pioneer Judith Aston. It looks at the body as a 3-dimensional, spiraling, integrated system -- when one part changes the whole is affected. It includes bodywork, postural and dynamic assessment, movement training, and techniques for transforming unhealthy movement patterns into healthy ones.
  • The Franklin Method is based on the work of former dancer Eric Franklin. Through injury, trauma, or chronic misuse, the body may begin to work in opposition to its natural design. Healing and transformation come through an accurate understanding of the body’s structure and the use of visualization to restore healthy movement patterns.
  • Inquiry is a gentle method of questioning, one of the central practices of 'The Diamond Approach'. It illuminates the connection between social/emotional history and the body’s holding patterns, connecting emotional patterns to the body. Examining and understanding those links creates the conditions for long-lasting, healthy change.


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