"I’ve been referring patients to Joani Gelinas, PT for 22 years. While she has always excelled as a “traditional” physical therapist, and still draws on those skills to treat a wide array of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, over the last 20 years she has amassed a repertoire of skills and knowledge from other manual arts and movement-based therapeutic disciplines.  In the process of honing her craft, she has become especially effective at treating the most recalcitrant conditions that haven’t responded to regular physical therapy.  I now regard her as one of my “specialized” physical therapists, and I rely on her often to improve patient outcomes when other treatments haven’t worked or when I’m concerned a condition will become chronic if certain perpetuating factors aren’t addressed.    

 Instead of just treating a single episode of recurrent neck pain, for example, Joani identifies and addresses the factors that contributed to the episode, such as postural problems, faulty muscle recruitment patterns, and ergonomic factors at home, work, in the car, etc.  By educating the patient and treating their faulty muscle recruitment patterns, she effectively empowers the patient to actively participate in their recovery and to prevent future episodes.

It is with great confidence that I recommend the work of Joani Gelinas!"

---Maxine Weyant, MD, Sports Medicine and Spine Care    orthopedicsinternational.com/


"I highly recommend Joani as an outstanding physical therapist, guide and teacher. She assists her clients to compile an internal manual for understanding and living in a body. She is a most patient teacher of simple everyday movements like walking, sitting, standing up, reaching and whatever moves are required. For those wishing to delve deeper, Joani offers a unique process of inquiry, guiding us to look into the psycho/emotional keys behind a physical challenge or pattern. Working with Joani Gelinas is an enriching experience on many levels! I am ever grateful for her!"
—Kathleen Hunt, Samadhi Yoga Center [samadhi-yoga.com]


"Joani integrates a deep wisdom of the body with a deep knowledge of therapeutic approaches. She has a special ability to translate this knowledge so that I can become my own healer.  I got immediate release for my painful back spasm, and a lesson in using imagery to help me find relief on my own. Joani’s gentle movements, accompanied by descriptions of melting muscles are the first step in moving me from being a body that is stuck and tight, to one that is open, pliable and supported. It’s amazing what a 75-minute session can do!"
—Helene Starks, PhD MPH, Associate Professor, University of Washington, School of Medicine


"With cervical spine problems causing decreasing options for physical activity, finding Joani has been a life saver. She is thoughtful and precise and has a sense of humor and optimism that keeps me on track and hopeful. I'm already able to do more than I have in years with less pain."
—Christine Crandall

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